Hello, my name is Anna Louise Neil. I am an undergraduate student at UNC-Chapel Hill, where I am majoring in Journalism through the Hussman School of Journalism and Media. I was born and raised in North Carolina and have a passion for good writing, strong coffee and photography. Included on my site are my experiences in journalism at The Daily Tar Heel, as well as work samples, photography and art. Please explore each tab to know me better!


I believe in the power and importance of words, as is evident through my position as an Assistant University Desk Editor for the DTH and my pursuit of a degree in journalism and media.


‚ÄčI am a creator of both written and visual works, displayed through publications with the DTH, as well as through the original photography and collages on my page.


I am a forever learner and am committed to scholarship. I have a curious mind, as well as an appreciation for the expansion of one’s knowledge, shown through my dedication to learning how to place newspaper pages for the DTH on Adobe InDesign.


I believe in the importance of strong leadership. I have learned how to be a servant leader in my community through through staffing for TeenPact Leadership Schools and working on the College Collective Lead Team with Chapel Hill Bible Church.